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HEAVEN GAIA – collection Femme Printemps/été 2020

HEAVEN GAIA - collection printemps-été 2020

HEAVEN GAIA, un voyage épique au coeur de la Chine entre tradition et modernité. HEAVEN GAIA - P/E 2020 / Collection Femme Printemps-été 2020 @dnmag_official   La qualité légendaire des vêtements de la marque Heaven Gaia hérite d'un siècle de qualité et d'ingéniosité, allié à la culture de l'art classique chinois, combiné à une

Montana reissued by Gareth Pugh

Claude Montana reissued - DNMAG

11 great looks from Claude Montana reissued by Gareth Pugh. Montana reissued by Gareth Pugh. Source MG Graffin   Young designers are inspired and obsessed with the work of Claude Montana.  more or less at a distance, from the French fashion designer, from his 1980s women, to strangled leather trousers and over-shoulder jackets. Only,

Yves Saint Laurent Catherine Deneuve Auction


Yves Saint Laurent / Catherine Deneuve Auction Christie's Paris By Tony Glenville   Christie’s, January 24th 2019 - Paris, France. Fashion moments are strange, they can be wildly unpredictable. When I was invited to this auction I was pleased but did not anticipate such a brilliant and amazing few hours, in fact sitting down around

Yuima Nakazato SS19 – Fashion Week – Spring 2019


Yuima Nakazato, a Couture for Life Yuima Nakazato SS19 - Spring 2019 By Tony Glenville.   It is always a pleasure to attend a presentation that demands some thought, and time to consider, even to discuss with others the designer’s work. On the final morning of the couture season we heard Yuima Nakazato explain

Guo Pei couture 2019 – SS19 Paris Fashion Week


Guo Pei, a Brilliant Chinese Haute couture Guo Pei couture 2019 - SS19 Paris Fashion Week By Tony Glenville     Over the seasons Guo Pei has created some extraordinary pieces, and right from her first static exhibition the close-up details are extraordinary. However, at times she has seemed to stray as far away as

Rabih Kayrouz is just getting the haute couture label


Haute couture label granted to Rabih Kayrouz Rabih Kayrouz is just getting the haute couture label as a permanent member. #mrk The commission of France’s Industry Ministry of Economy and Finance granted the name haute couture to the House Rabih Kayrouz, on Dec. 3rd 2018, the federation said. It becomes the 15th couturier

Fashion Retrospective 2018


Fashion Designer Retrospectives 2018 Fashion Retrospective 2018 By Tony Glenville     Of course the fashion world has already shown collections for 2019, plus many decisions taking us through to 2020 have been taken, but here is my recap of the past twelve months in fashion.   A year in which many things happened in terms of

Atelier Mimii – Marta RIOS : an expression of moments of happiness and joy…

The fantastical and magical universe of Atelier Mimii. Once upon a time in a rainbow Care-bear-land; quilted, and embroidered and ruffled in a Haute-Couture dream… By Loanna Haseltine     Meeting Marta Rios today in her chic PR’s office, which boasts curved and elegant matching staircases on either side of the showroom (surely borrowed from

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