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Paris Fashion Week 2019 – Au revoir Paris!

Paris Fashion Week 2019 - Au revoir Paris! PFW19 - RTW19/20 d_x_p   march 6th, 2019, Not a single dry eye... Paris Fashion Week 2019 RTW, was an interesting contrast between dark, moody productions and unusually relaxed, wearable tailoring. Highlights include Celine’s bourgeois 70s looks, Loewe’s mesmerizing fabrics, Saint Laurents broad-shouldered 80s styles, and Alexander McQueen’s

Christian Louboutin 2019 RTW 19 – Fall-winter 2019/20 collection


Louboutin 2019 Blooming Marvellous Louboutin RTW 19 - Fall-winter 2019/20 collection By Tony Glenville. > Tony's reviews       Deep red lights and the silhouettes of the winter trees led us down and enchanted path in the Jardin des Plantes to arrive at the orchid house, there, with a glass of champagne we could view the rare

ROKH Womenswear – Fashion Week FW19


ROKH, The New Chic ROKH FW19 / Paris - R.O.K.H. Womenswear 2019 - RTW19 Fall-winter 2019 By Tony Glenville. > all articles here     The red lights dimmed, the hard white spotlights flared and at a furious pace the models stalked between the narrow pathways. The Prokofiev soundtrack was matched by a Capulets and Montagues wardrobe

Rami Kadi SS19 – Spring 2019 collection – Fashion Week


Rami Kadi, Couture Metallica Rami Kadi SS19 – Spring 2019 collection – Fashion Week By Tony Glenville   January 22nd, 20.30pm Colour rules Rami Kadi’s creative heart for certain, even the silvery or black fabrics and embroideries within his collection seem to sparkle and shimmer. The short flared ballerina skirt teamed  with a tiny iridescent corset

Dior RTW 19/20 Fall-Winter collection


Dior Delights, RTW FW19/20 Dior, Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter collection RTW 2019/20 By Tony Glenville   Fashion delights in confusing us; spring couture, autumn Pret a Porter, this season, next seasons, pre fall, cruise?  So whilst we were in the midst of summer Haute Couture I popped over to see next winter's Dior ready-to-wear. Maria Grazia Chiuri

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