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Mame Kurogouchi RTW 19, FW 2019/20


Mame Kurogouchi, Fade into Blue Mame Kurogouchi Ready-to-wear, FW 2019/20 collection By Loanna Haseltine > Loanna's reviews     Once again Maiko Kurogouchi the designer behind the brand Mame Kurogouchi takes out her journal, part diary, part scrap-book mixing fact and fictional imaginings to draw-out her inner self and find meaning for her collection theme. This season

COPERNI, RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection


Coperni, Picture perfect. COPERNI, RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection By Tony Glenville. > Tony's reviews     Installation : 26th March 2019 Imagery was the key thread to this seasons looks, with a sensational multi screen film/video playing on one wall and some stunning PR photographs. A skirt resembling the shutter of a camera, details which seemed inspired by

Rochas RTW, Fall 2019/20 collection


Rochas, Elegance personified Rochas RTW 19, Fall-winter 2019/20 - Paris Fashion Week 2019 By Tony Glenville. > Tony's reviews     Alessandro dell’Aqua is a designer whose clothes step out onto the catwalk with a feeling he loves every piece. The soft ribbons, the flurry of ostrich feathers, the swing of the back of a dress, all speak

Delvaux Handbags RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection


Delvaux, Surreal is Real Delvaux, Secrets & Handbags RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection By Tony Glenville. > Tony's reviews     Saturday 2nd March 2019,  352 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris The truth is, everything is not what it seems, and Delvaux delight in their Belgian surrealist heritage, and also delight in exploring the possibilities of the materials used within

Issey Miyake RTW Fall-Winter 2019/20


Issey Miyake, Miyamae find’s his stride Issey iyake - Ready-to-wear Fall-winter 2019/20 By Loanna Haseltine > Loanna's reviews     Issey Miyake, FW19/20, March 1, 2019, Lycee Carnot, Paris This seasons showing for the collection Issey Miyake held at the Lycee Carnot felt like a departure from other season’s. The same ample and undulating shapes were there, the

Toni Maticevski RTW 2019 FW19/20 collection


Toni Maticevski : Something Truly Special - Paris Fashion Week 2019 Toni Maticevski 2019 RTW - FW19/20 collection - Womenswear By Tony Glenville. > Tony's reviews     Making evening wear, special occasion or Red Carpet womenswear is a conundrum; understated, overstated, classic or what? Which route does a designer choose? Toni Maticevski has solved this by simply

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