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Cyclas RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection


By Loanna Haseltine
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Cyclas RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection
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Cyclas FW 19/20 March 5, 2019, Palais de Tokyo

Cyclas is a tunical sleeveless A-line garment worn during the occidental middle ages. It is also the name of a fashion brand created by Japanese designer Keiko Onose, previously the fashion director at United Arrows who launched her own brand in 2016. She describes her brand as “minimal ready-to-wear separates that exude elegance, which can be recognized by its fine fabrics and tailoring. The collection isn’t meant to overpower the person wearing it.”*

This season’s collection shown on the runway at the Palais de Tokyo felt like a fast-forward since her previous collection and was a testament of hitting that mark. Cyclas has always been about quality, styles that will serve longevity, and comfort for a women with an active lifestyle. This season held true on those promises. The collection felt Couture even though it is presented and sold as ready-to-wear. The fabrics were luxurious and the combinations and juxtaposition of colors, shapes and textures surprising and harmonious simultaneously. Just the right touch of glamour and high fashion to spice the really well cut staples and major wardrobe pieces. Here the dosing was impeccable.

The first set was entirely in warm winter white with one piece in an ample knee-length hooded windbreaker with coordinating bell-bottom trousers. Details hidden in the cape of a black bias outlining the inside of the hem, sleeve openings and center seam of the hood. There were long pants with slits down center back, which created a bell-bottom effect. A soft slate, wool-velour tunics covered a sky-blue long cuffed dress-shirt and midnight-blue long straight trousers. There were many knitted sweaters extra long sleeved, one in lilac where a double sleeve became a back waist-length cape.

And details such as extra a long leather karate belt, tied and belted over a putty colored cashmere duster; or the puffy, fluffy fleece low-heel pumps.  The colors were soft and poetic in pastel earth tones with highlights of neon lime, ultramarine, metallic gold and silver.

The overall effect was snuggly warm, cozy and yet elegantly tailored. The kind of clothes to wear for a cross-continental flight, straight into an executive meeting. Which is Onose’s objective point exactly.




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Cyclas – Ready-to-wear 2019 collection
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