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AURALEE RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 presentation

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AURALEE RTW 19 – Fall-winter 2019 collection Presentation
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Atelier Brancusi, Centre Pompidou, 3rd March 2019

For his first catwalk show designer Ryota Iwai selected the Brancusi Atelier, as his press release succinctly puts it “ It is definitely a fitting backdrop for a co-ed collection where pure lines, clear shapes and neat volumes speak of elegant, refined minimalism”.
Far more important though is the simple fact that the clothes are lovely and the tranquil atmosphere of a studio provided a setting in harmony with the designers aesthetic of “clarity”.

First things first in my opinion was the colour palette was terrific, palest mint green, rich dark leaf green, ivory white, chalk white, manilla, thunder grey, maroon glacé, walnut, and black as a statement colour, not as a classic.

The pieces covered a range of items in both men’s and women’s wardrobe pieces, a long easy coat, a simple gilet, neat cropped blouson, track pants, tunics, wide pants, long dress and so on.

Each piece functioned in the looks shown but clearly had infinite variations for the customer to interpret to their own personal styles; a jacket, over a dress, over pants was so elegant but the dress on its own, in a lovely blue brown check, would be great.

The balance between the checked pieces and the plain, was like punctuation, as was the use of the black, and production, casting and running order of the show was perfect.

There was an elegant nonchalance to the models which enhanced the designers creative message. The fabrics at the heart of the collection included wool, double face, cashmere, mohair, and wool and silk blends.

This attention to quality, the sourcing in Japan of these beautiful fabrics and the overall quality of the finish and detail of every pieces could be evaluated by the intimate presentation.

As the audience applauded I was so very pleased to have been at the catwalk debut of such an interesting designer, whose urban chic has a truly contemporary edge


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