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Akris 2019 RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 Runway show

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Akris 2019 RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 Runway show
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Albert Kriemler is fascinated by art and it’s influence on his designs is palpable, however that would be useless if the clothes themselves weren’t lovely; but they are.

The fabrics, the colours, and the polished finish to the construction of every piece is just perfection. There are no loose ends both creatively and physically in the collection, from the boots to the hair it’s sophisticated and slick, not in a slippery glib way but slick as in :-

Adjective Slick – done or operating in an impressively smooth and efficient way. Synonyms – efficient, polished, streamlined and well run.

I’d say that pretty much sums up the show and the collection, the creativity is harnessed to beautiful clothes and the inspiration isn’t allowed to lead the designer down impractical pathways. Opening the show with graphic prints, and swiftly moving through into pieces whose autumnal colours perfectly matched the refinement of the fabric surfaces and textures.

Golden ambers and russets alongside rich pine greens, navy and related deep berry tones brought the idea of autumn fruits and leaves to mind. The textures of the fabrics from plush and woolly to sheen and sueded touch surfaces also included plaids, Chantilly lace, double face wool, semi matt sequins, taffeta, velvet, mousseline, satin, shearling, and leather.

The easy pieces slipped over one another in gentle layers. Even the most structured pieces were contemporary in their soft handling of the construction.

The best example perhaps of this, was the long evening shirt dress made in golden velvet embossed mousseline; which was worn open over a long black slip dress and the sleeves pushed up giving it an ease but above all a relaxed elegance.

A swing edge to edge jacket with huge Mongolian lamb cuffs was over a simple jacket in turn worn over a slim polo neck, and pants tucked into boots.

It’s the art of dressing really, an art Albert Kriemler has certainly mastered.



8 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris
Téléphone : 01 42 61 34 36



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