Agnes B, The perfect balance

AGNES B, RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection

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AGNES B, RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection
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Monday 4th March 2019 Palais de Chaillot

It seems as though Agnes B has been part of the Paris fashion scene for forever, yet the freshness of her eye, and fashion vision means that each season she twists and re examines her view of the seasons clothes into something fresh and delightful.

The way Agnes B talks us through a narrative has charm and romance, the clothes tell stories; a walk in the park in a neat toggle fastened jacket and softly gathered long grey skirt.

Perhaps luncheon in a neat grey suit with be,ted jacket and pleated skirt, or a neat sleeveless camel dress. A hint of Mary Poppins in a navy coat worn with a neat dove grey cape let across the shoulders, business like tailored winter coats whose neat flattering lines followed a slim but not exaggerated silhouette, in longer lengths.

Classic stripes and checks punctuated the collection whilst green and red provided colour points. A city nighttime print and a landscape print both anchored the story firmly in Paris, whilst slippery black satin took us into a boite de unit mood and dancing broke out on the catwalk as the models grinned and twirled.

As ever every lives in the show was real, every piece avoided fuss and over-detailing, but most importantly these clothes are for real life people of ages sizes and types.

The clothes mix into a whole range of personalities, they are worn by you, not the other way around. As the cheers and applause range out the designer, in her satin boxers dressing gown bearing the Everlasting Logo and black aviator shades, clearly was in total control!of her craft.

In boxing terms then we may well say 78 and not out for the count; The Winner!




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