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Talbot RUNHOF RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection

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Talbot RUNHOF RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection
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The Talbot Runhof woman is never knowingly underdressed.Last season I titled my review “All that Glitters” and the clients dressed top to toe in glitter for this seasons show proved me correct.

Next season they will be in colour, and they will be swishing in taffeta, from a streaming bow to a ballooning trapeze dress as light as air. The collection had a lightness all through the show, from the first long, softly folded, opening dress in lilac tinted iridescent fabric.

The second look was the scene setter with its wide easy pants worn with a brilliant Chinese yellow bustier tied in a beautiful huge bow at the back, with the end swinging out as the model strode past.

The neck ties, fastening at the nape rather than the front came with most outfits, and then the full dress; with a big bow tying the of the neat sleeveless bodice the skirt flounced out into a floating full skirt dipping down from ballerina to full length as it fluttered past us. The dress which followed was in a group of my favourite looks; reminiscent of 30’s Hollywood they were created from a deep lilac sparkling fabric and draped and tied in a ravishing fashion.

This first one was slender and draped all down the front from a high cut sleeveless top, but at the back it plunged in a deep v neckline and wrapped and tied in delicious foods and falls of fabric.

The second was shorter with a high split on the skirt, and a draped neckline, the silhouette in a slightly flapper mode, with a sash effect tied at the hip. The draped story also appeared in a stunning inky black velvet dress, this was accessorised with the sharp white bow at the neck and was perfect for any modern Lady of the Camellias in its impact.

Other stand pout included the severe black polo neck top paired with a ravishing bustle skirt of brightest neon pink taffeta, that Second Empire character Nana would have adored this.

A black tunic top with fringe to the ankles was worn with wide pants and a neon pink bow tied blouse, and a totally fabulous buff coloured long heavy knit tunic was shown over glittering palazzo pants and accessorised with leopard print slippers. There were also some outfits in a deep plum and raspberry pink patchwork of patterns and textures with a wintery gipsy mood.

The ability to link to the previous season without repeating the story was clear, and this collection showed two designers in total harmony with their clients desire for new glamour, relaxed elegance and some colour in their lives.





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