A Roger Vivier Daydream Hotel and an Unlikely Cast of Characters

Roger Vivier RTW 2019 – Fall 2019/20 – Paris Fashion Week


By Loanna Haseltine
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Roger Vivier RTW 2019 – Fall 2019/20
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The invitation for the presentation at Roger Vivier “A Daydream Hotel” was a painting of a twilight forest lurking with wolves, eyes aglow. So it should have been with no surprise when I stumbled into the first salon, dark in mist, inundated with fallen leaves and birch reaching to the rafters, to find a live, grey wolf creeping among the winter scene and its pup on satin sheets slumbering with Sleeping Beauty. But it was a surprise; to me, the wolf and the chihuahua clutching to my arm. Thankfully the frightful situation was managed by strictly following the Roger Vivier presentation motto: Whatever, where ever, or with whomever you find yourself, “Keep calm and drink champagne.”

This was the start of yet another adventure in the Roger Vivier saga of exceptional experiential presentations since visionary creative director Bruno Frisoni took the helm of the house of this legendary shoemaker.

The collection was artfully in full diva glamour. Collection themes were arranged by hotel suites, all with a different theme and cast of characters; from enchanted fairy-tale previously mentioned, to honky-tonk rock-a-billy with a live music performance, to luscious and camp, 50’s Amazon jungle,-not remiss of its sexy human gorilla and Amazon beauty, Rossy de Palma, and a red-carpet cinema full of Catherine Deneuve look-a-likes to name just a few. But it was not all child’s play as one fantasy-suite, covered floor-to-ceiling with stuffed unicorns would lead you to believe. Covering fashion is real work and so is making shoes, especially those sought after by any self-respecting diva, want-a-be, or girlfriend-of, gracing the red-carpet.

There were some wonderful shoes this season throughout these themes. New this season, were high-top trainers with Swarovski leopard spots, and a combo moonboot/trainer with large rhinestone buckles channeling: Dorothy goes to Aspen. A hall lined with guitars displayed the rock-a-Billy cowboy bottines, rhinestone heeled and buckled in silk satin and blue suede. To entertain the millions of stuffed unicorns were brightly colored, boxy velvet clutches with rhinestone buckles and matching mules. A room with a Freudian neurotic housewife and her maid displayed mannish styled boots and loafers with rhinestone buckles attached in the front. In addition many new twists of Roger Vivier classics were displayed either in kitchen, corner or red draped nook hiding not only shoes but a choir. One had a job of it to be sure that nothing had been missed.







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