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Rabih Kayrouz RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection

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Rabih Kayrouz RTW 19 – Fall-winter 2019 collection
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Sunday 3rd March 2019 38 Boulevard Raspail

The clothes created by Rabih Kayrouz reflect so many things; his culture, his concept of fashion today, what his customers love, his unerring colour sense, his use of beautiful fabrics and his unique handwriting in terms of fashion.

Above all his skill at refinement in construction and the putting together of each piece with his brilliant atelier, gives everything he touches that undefinable extra something. On my visit to his studio, a place of light and delight, I saw some of the looks I had watched glide down the runway in January during Paris couture.

I was now able to view them even closer, and touch the fabrics, and have some details explained to me. Also on view was the essential collection and the wonderful jewellery; the beauty of the clothing in the hand reveals the quality of the fabrics and the immaculate finish on every piece from the simplest shell blouse through to an unlined jacket where every seam in side is bound with a tiny ribbon.

What I thought was gold embroidery is indeed gold embroidery of white silk organza; but it is entirely done by hand, the gold pieces which I assumed was lace, is lace, yet again it is entirely hand crafted from the metallic thread into a filigree construction.

Some of silk charmeuse fluid pieces weight less the the hangars they are suspended from, and this follows through into the essentials pieces too. Parma violet and navy swing gently on the rail as buyers, friends and the team pass to and fro, a smile and a handshake and few words from a very busy Rabih Kayrouz and it’s time to look at the jewels.

Building on pieces which have been signatures since the line launched two years ago the jigsaw interlocking bracelets, the pieces like vertebrae and the mix matched sculptural earrings are all divine. Interlocking black and gold with nothing too sparkly or shiny the pieces look as at home lying down as worn since each piece is so beautifully conceived, they remind me of Brancusi in their free flowing form.

As I wander around the studio I know the designers priorities are well in evidence; plenty of food laid out to nibble and snack on, and heaps of wonderful flowers blooming and fanning out in huge arrangements.

His restraint and controlled editing in his clothes finds a different expression with the exuberant floral displays and the heaped dishes, the wonderful world of Rabih Kayrouz.





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