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Masha Ma, RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection

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Masha Ma, RTW 19- Fall-winter 2019 collection
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Sunday 3rd March 2019,

Since the first time I watch3 a show presented by Masha Ma I have watched her develop and grow as a designer, until this current collection, her best ever!

The clothes and the whole concept of the collection kept her urban city, modernistic approach but gave it a new polish and a sparkle which gave the up tempo collection a great panache and pace.

From the opening monochrome check layers with a great swing coat, a tailored jacket, a handkerchief point skirt, a double breasted jacket with a swirling peplum, a neat cropped belted jacket with huge fold back rivers, and even checked boots the show kept its power and stride right through to the end.

Grey and solid black followed the checks including a stunning ruffled crepe and mousseline look. Then next couple of looks featured classic camel, and then print appeared.

The soft blouse with its portrait neckline and softly ruffled sleeves, the long flowing dress with asymmetric waterfall effect, both in grass green and white, were beautiful.

The poncho like dress in black and white with long, long sleeves was stunning. Then suddenly we returned to city camel and practicality with trench looks and then a dash of top to toe black, then wham; animal print layers in slender slip dress silhouettes plus animal print boots, and then a sliver of emerald green satin minidress worn over animal print and an animal print 50’s couture style coat.

Back to camel and then as we came towards the end of the show; bright blue checks followed by by bright pink slipper satin in two divine dance dresses with handkerchief points and literally flipping sexy looks to them which evoked jazz age night life and champagne fuelled nights.

All in all this was a mature, well thought through and charming show of strong clothes in a terrific range of ideas.



10 East Road Linen Court, London N1 6AD
United Kingdom
Telephone : +44 20 7318 0400


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