Swarovski, Crystal Dreams – Paris Fashion Week 2019

Swarovski RTW 2019 FW19/20 collection – Womenswear

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Swarovski RTW 2019 FW19/20 collection
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Swarovski have a reputation for moving forward, innovation, collaboration and excitement.

At the launch of the new Book of Dreams all these elements were well in evidence. A huge cactus studded with Swarovski flowers was simply insane, especially since it was surrounded by dozens of baby cactuses in pots forming a kind of mat or carpet around it.

A facsimile of the book but blown up to gigantic proportions filled half a room; amazing, stunning giant coloured crystals in glass cabinets were amongst a few of the party decorative elements.

The chandelier hung rooms of the Hotel d’Evreux by Place Vendome provided the setting which included a image lined box to step into and join the models in the images or simply take selfies, or perhaps, as many did, arrange oneself in an appropriate manner.

It was all about creativity but what also caught my eye were the artists easels with copies of the book placed on them and the brilliant framed images reembroidered and decorated. Both these specific things, for me, managed to exquisitly catch the fact there should always be craft behind dreams and the artistry.

Thank You Swarovski.




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