Gauchere : Understated Impact – Paris Fashion Week 2019

Gauchere RTW 2019 FW19/20 collection – Womenswear


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GAUCHERE RTW 2019 FW19/20 collection
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Gauchere offers fashion which mixes the understated and the statement in a perfect harmony. By this I mean some pieces are just simple, streamlined, lovely, in great fabrics and colours and would make the wearer feel and look great, bring them confidence and make a low key style statement.

Other pieces are bolder and more attention grabbing, but never ever overstated or over designed. For example a check pants suit, with a slight 70’s attitude was beautifully proportioned, it’s only detail really the six white buttons fastening the double breasted long line jacket, but it would be for the wearer to accessorise, and dress up or down to their own taste; a suit for many women.

The long, long pleated skirt with handkerchief points however is a more statement piece, wrapping and fanning out its lines require the wearer to be bolder, and this is the Gauchere trick.

Mix and match your style to the collection, not the other way around. Great trench inspired coats, relaxed tailoring and some streamlined clean modern pieces that the clients would slip into their wardrobe in a second.

A creamy white shirt whose collar and cuffs gave a demure look to a soft dark crepe jacket and trousers. Yet the long fluttery print and wrap dresses spoke of another style to mix with these streamlined looks.

Perhaps the stand out for statement was the soft amethyst look; floor length pleated skirt and neat waist length double breasted jacket and exactly matching polo neck sweater.

Of course the genius of the designer and the success of the brand is the client can decide to buy just one or two pieces or all, mix and layer or wear as shown.

A seemingly simple equation for this house, but rather rare and more difficult than you might think.

Warm and happy applause greeted Marie-Christine Statz, the designer, and it is very well deserved for the terrific job she does each season in creating beautiful clothes, which work in the real world of today.




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