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Dior Women, Fall-winter 2019/20 Paris

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Dior Women Fall-winter 2019/20 Paris
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Arranged around the room were tiny stage sets of Dior significance, from the current toile de jouy to the couture salons of Avenue Montaigne, whet the house first appeared.

Each delicious scene in miniature was beyond dolls house fantasy and perfectly celebrates twenty years since Victoire de Castellane joined the House of Dior.

Updates and exquisite new variations on many of Victoire’s and Monsieur Dior’s signatures, as well as totally new directions and enchanting ideas to lure the clients into this specific world of beauty.

The grand piano is the dark salon is surrounded by mother of Pearl zodiac signs, superstition and luck is always important in the world of couture. Each exquisite portrait miniature outlined with gold symbols of the strological signs. An exquisite conservatory with filigree white wrought iron furniture tells the story of the rose, in precious stones and lacquer finishes. Each flower perfectly poised on a seat and its intense colour radiating beauty.

In the library, whose shelves featured portraits of Monsieur Dior and his “New Look”, amongst others, the collection  “Toi et moi” was placed on a grey Dior chaise, and the new double rings simply begged to be worn on perfectly manicured hands.

The couture salon featuring two couture dresses, one tucked away and reflected in a mirror, the bracelets and bangles held pride of place, whilst the toile de jouey salon featured more delicate delights in jewels of such refinement that they could have been created by magicians as much as jewellers.

Tiny single earrings, filigree chain bracelets interspersed with trios of tiny gems, or simply a single flower with a gem at its heart, the stories offer beautiful pieces in a variety of items.

It isn’t the stones, the gold or even the price which mark these pieces out as so wonderful, it’s the craft and the design which hold our focus and proclaim this to be in total harmony with the creative philosophy of the House of Dior




DIOR Fall-winter 19/20 – Paris Fashion Week 2019

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