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Manish Arora -RTW 19 -Fall-winter 2019 collection

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Manish Arora -RTW 19 -Fall-winter 2019 collection
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Wednesday February 28th 2019
American Church in Paris avenue George V – Runway Show

Never a minimalist this season Manish Arora revved up to top speed with a collection which seemed to take me straight to Burning Man and the wild nights of music and partying.

The ever more complex layers, the extraordinary heard dresses and the brilliant colours were worked and patterned and decorated within an inch of their lives.

The models striding between the narrow rows fluttered and dancing as they swung past and it was almost impossible to comprehend the complexity and workmanship in the seconds of viewing.

As ever the brilliance is that this is Manish Arora’s original vision, this is his ideal customer wearing it all top to toe and in the explosive layers of colour and pattern he adores.

The client may actually buy one amazing piece to wear with a black polo neck sweater and trousers. In the final analysis this is the brilliance of the collection that each individual piece does stand up to detailed examination and it then offers up the secrets of its print, pattern and embroidery.

If it was simply high speed fun it would vanish after the show, but delivered and on a hangar these are desirable wonderful pieces whose life can be decided by the owner and wearer of the designers vision.

Still the oranges and pinks, the brilliant turquoise and violet which cascade in front of us along with yellow and green and seemingly every other colour of the rainbow dazzles.

The colours of India are myriad and Manish Arora uses every one plus more. He is also wonderful at varying the silhouettes within the collection; long soft and fluid, short full and bouncy, sporty and easy, slender and fitted; all the options are covered and within them the opportunities again to pull out a single piece.

A denim gilet, a shift dress, a soft full sleeved long dress, and this season some wonderful insane fringed Art Deco style dresses, Red Carpet ready.

Never ever glance at Manish Arora images and think “ there’s nothing there for me”, He’s made a collection with something to suit everyone.





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