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AFTERHOMEWORK RTW 2019 – Fall-winter 19/20


By Loanna Haseltine
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AFTERHOMEWORK RTW 2019 – Fall-winter 19/20
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Afterhomework 26/2/2019, 44 ave de Villiers 75017 Paris – France

The label that was started in 2014 by Pierre Kaczmarek when he was 15 and then joined by his girlfriend, Elena Mottola in 2016, according to the brands website has morphed into a consortium of other artists and talent from music, video, graphics and other mediums. For the moment though, the other creatives remain nameless besides their contribution to the brand. At present it is still and only Kaczmarek and Mottola who take the bow.

This season’s showing, the brands second, and first time on the official Federation calendar felt mature and concepts were well thought-out for a team with so few years under their belt. To be sure there is still work ahead but one feels a little amazed at the polish and confidence this still very young label breaths.

In addition they seem to have their clientele well targeted. The models who distended the stairs of the construction-site duplex loft looked very much like the Uber-hip young women I aspired to be like once upon a time. Ultra cool, arty, with a completely put-together confidence. There was just the right amount of Paris suave mixed with a touch of ghetto-gangster sport. Their muse, as lady-like as she is sober that gives as good as she gets. If I was 20 or even 25 I would be saving up to wear the total look.

Mini and maxi dresses tucked and gathered and worn with bright sport sock or parachute pants with contrasting elastic drawstrings worn with tops puffed and pleated by drawstrings which even held on the strappy sandals were just some of the looks.

Zippers opened to slash side-seams in pants and side openings of anoraks for men. Layering, gathering, shirring with elastic drawstring which were everywhere, weaving its way through the entire collection and criss-crossing it’s way through the actual garments created interesting silhouettes.

Hoods became half capes over jackets and halter corseted dresses defined slick ultra-shiny hoodies worn with knee-socks and heels. Dark denim trousers with exterior hip pockets reaching nearly to the ankles were some other highlights. It was technical sportswear made ultra sexy and tough all the while.

The men’s selection was cool with a slight toughness that would not get the wearer lynched after class. And the super-camp trend for men right now was refreshingly missing here.

Together the collection was a rich and youthful esthetic to the line-up during the fashion weeks.




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