Ottolinger Ready-to-wear 2019 FW19/20

Ottolinger RTW 2019 – Fall-Winter 19/20 Paris Fashion Week

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Ottolinger RTW 2019 – Fall-Winter 19/20 Paris
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Sometime too many ideas is as confusing for those of us in the audience as not enough ideas.

Ottolinger had plenty of ideas but perhaps should have edited? Just as the avalanche of visuals on the screen before the show switched and swerved through many images, so the collection jumped around a lot.

The multi zip pieces had a ski element to them, both in sportswear looks and in a more relaxed apres ski look.

The deconstructed plaids with self fringed edges were moulded into some great silhouettes, but having seen the neat little plaid suits followed by a soft sage green dress it was a surprise to a few moments later see asymmetric denim, then sporty stripes, and then the multi zip looks.

These in turn were followed by a bright peppermint patent jacket, a crepe de menthe satin dress and then a huge sweater worn with a silk satin skirt with an asymmetric hem? It’s confusing to the audiences and hard to write about.

Finally were some crushed fragile silk looks in black and grey, which drifted along the space and were. beautiful, but unexpected after what had gone before.

So some great ideas, some lovely pieces and great use of colour from black and silvery grey through to greens.

However, next season please consider the running order of the presentation and the show edit.


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OTTOLINGER Ready to wear – Fall-winter 2019/20

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