MAZARINE Womenswear / RTW – Fashion Week 2019

Mazarine Paris RTW 2019 – FW19/20

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Mazarine RTW 2019 – FW19/20
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Each season the handwriting of designer Hélène Timsit, and her business partner Quentin Poisson, becomes stronger.

The colour sends exemplified by the opening look this season in two shades of copper and beech with a pale violet ruche at the neck.

Deep Apricot over dark chocolate, orange and ginger, violet, ginger and dark terracotta or red fading into other shades of red in a simple fluid dress.

The pieces themselves always reveal details after the initial impression of simplicity, often this season with undulating lines. The ballet by Sir Frederick Ashton has a set design by Sophie Fedorovich with those same lines, according to legend inspired by the lines of a weather map of high and low pressure; could that be an influence?

Never fussy or over styled Mazarine is a label whose development from a few rails of clothes to this seasons runway presentation has been a delight to watch. A long slim trouser suit, a simple shift dres, a variation on the 70’s shirtdress, and a couple of stunning prints mixed in with desirable pieces for the contemporary woman’s wardrobe; pieces to buy and wear, to mix and match and to hang up and keep because they are in harmony with the concept of a confident woman.

The brilliant red coat worn with deep violet boots, or the sand coloured woven sweater like top worn over deep violet plisse top and olive green pants demonstrate a confidence in the wearers abilty to know what, and why they are buying the clothes for; to look great at any age and for multiple occasions.

Applause rang through the space at Palais de Tokyo and as Helene smiled and bowed, it became even louder, well deserved.




MAZARINE Womenswear / RTW – Paris Fashion Week 2019

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