Louboutin 2019 Blooming Marvellous

Louboutin RTW 19 – Fall-winter 2019/20 collection

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Christian Louboutin 2019 RTW 19 – Fall-winter 2019/20 collection
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Deep red lights and the silhouettes of the winter trees led us down and enchanted path in the Jardin des Plantes to arrive at the orchid house, there, with a glass of champagne we could view the rare exquisite rare orchids alongside the rare and exquisite shoes of Monsieur Louboutin.

Poise on tiny mirrored circles or placed in immaculate stands ever shoe bore our scrutiny as we strolled through the jungle. The soaring branches and heady scent entrapped us in luxury and delight.

From a neat bi colour op art story of boots and shoes with sculptural heels through lavishly decorated bags everything bore the mark of the hand of a master.

A rainbow swinging London 60’s group swung from a tiny neat sling back through to a massive platform wedge mule, the matching dolly bag an added delight. A group of shoes characterised by a swirl of diagonal spaghetti thin straps captured a chic, elegant couture feeling.

Persian miniatures must have inspired the glitter tapestry pumps, and the exquisite embroidered handbag which looked as if they belonged in a vitrine as collectors pieces.

Displayed in a cave of floating silver spheres were pairs of mink and crystal slippers to enchant any princess as she awoke, whilst balanced on one of the spheres were shoes seemingly constructed from huge diamonds.

A pair of black glossy patent shoes with the sharpest of pointed toes and tiny dagger heels were bespoke sexy chic and the spat boot in black and white with a crisp bow reminded this observer of the high collars and sharp bow ties of the recently departed Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld.

In the end I should be describing every single shoe, and bag, but perhaps to summon up the enchanted atmosphere and the wit of Monsieur Louboutin two notes will surfice- the black and diamanté bag held aloft above our heads by an eighteenth century white monkey, and trick of technology which enabled us to use our phones to animate the jungle of the orchid house into a magical enchanted land with birds flying, forest sounds and the cascades of water running in slashes over the vines.

A magical way to see magical things in a fairytale setting.



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