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Germanier RTW 19 – Fall-winter 2019/20

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Germanier RTW 2019 Fall 19/20
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In the short time since he graduated from Central Saint Martins Kevin Germanier has shown us how he can develop his work from simply the excitement of up cycling as a press “story” through into the stunning and exciting collection he quietly, but passionately talked me through today.

Sequins which had faded until colourless, and to many useless Kevin knits into rainbow stripes where Matt surfaces and shine mix into liquid rainbows. Passionate about quality and finish he was unsure if my use of the word “couture” was appropriate but his attention to detail and the polish of th spices close up is certainly at the top most level of ready to wear.

Each piece unfurled and twisted like exotic flowers on a garland, with the inside of each ruffle as perfect as the outside. Shimmering jacquards were mixed and matched so he can get double the look from each fabric, taking and experimenting and working around the body and the fabric to achieve his goal.

“ I love making clothes” well we certainly don’t have too many designers who can both say that and physically do it!

His training seems to have been exemplary and his innovative ways of crushing and repurposing the glitter and shine he clearly loves is moving forward in exciting new ways. He explained much of the technical repurposing to me as much as talking about the clothes.

From the cascading knits on sharp tailoring through to the comparatively simple huge single ruffle unfolding onto a slender long sleeved dress exactly like a blossom, every piece is stand out.

It takes time to make each garment and time to study and absorb this young creators work.

With a touch of tie and dye, some glittering logo’d pochettes, a hint of streamlined black as the background behind fans of rainbow shimmer, it’s exciting and glamorous yet totally modern, and purely Kevin’s vision.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your love for what you create with me.



GERMANIER Womenswear / RTW – Paris Fashion Week 2019

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