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Anrealage RTW 2019 – FW19/20 collection


By Loanna Haseltine
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Anrealage RTW 2019 – FW19/20 collection
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Anrealage, Feb 27 Espace Commines, Paris

Kunihiko Morinaga the designer behind the brand Anrealage showed his collection entitled ‘Details’ Tuesday. “God is in the Details” was written as the motto for the collection and printed in Bold above the runway.

Raffia-puff-ball hatted models appeared in threes behind the same number of doorways coming from the backstage wearing Maxi-best-of’s from the fashion menu.

A clever working of construction from details of everyday garments were recreated in fantastic illusions yet wearable silhouettes. Giant sleeves with cuffs hugging the neckline complete with a cuff placket and giant buttons became a halter dress.

Giant necklines of blazer over turtle-neck jumper so large that the top button of the lapel brushed model’s knees came in the form of a large cape. Enlarged pant hip sections with their front closures and giant pockets became an entire pantsuit.

One ingenious confection straight out of the movie “Honey, I shrunk the kids” surprised the fashion crowd one after the next. So many were astonishing and yet so wearable that it was hard to find the crowning best look.

Fabrics came in kaki bomber nylon with it’s orange lining showing from behind, oversized yarn knits, trench-coat camel, white cotton shirting, tartan and houndstooth.

There were giant zippers, toggles, shirt buttons and safety-pins. And even a set of shawls using super-sized Anrealage labels with the adequately size-tag attached and draping over models shoulders.

One look even boasted huge silver earbuds and a perfecto boasted over-sized versions of the buttons-pins sometime given out at Anrealage shows. And somehow Morinaga managed the impossible feat of making the totally unplausable, plausably wearable.



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Anrealage RTW 2019
FW19/20 collection

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