Marine Serre, Radiating a strong, feminine survivalist.

Womenswear Ready-to-wear 2019/20 Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week – Runway Show


By Loanna Haseltine
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Marine Serre RTW Fall-winter 19/20 Fashion Week 2019
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Walking into the show space held in a wine cavern just on the Paris outskirts in Issy-Les -Moulineaux, one was envelopped in a sphere of greenlight vapor hovering under the arched cave entrance winding down into the underground space.

The first model emerged from the darkness dressed in a liquid black face covering, head to toe bodysuit embassoned with the brand’s trademark symbol crescent, phosphorescent and illuminated by blacklighting. And this was the start of the collection inspired by an apocalyptic world, feminine and scavanger, a tribal and sporty servivalist community.

Other looks, were a meshing of anomalous elements, such as tailored and waist defining boxy wide shouldered single buttoned jackets, belted with dangling, jangling sea relics of hightide of driftwood, coins, seashells, and keychains, and bits of glass, sanded and shiny from the rolling waves.

One look a long flowing black dress was detailed in the small pieces of these relics were festooned item by item over the entirety of the dress, and gave a pleasant jangling bell-chime as the model passed.

There was a dainty selection of drapey bias dresses. One an assembly of multi-colored, multi-sized, and multi-printed silk scarves and handkerchieves.
Wool-felt, in black, or heather grey or leather found there way into dusters, longcoats and blazers and were detailed with Mongolian sheep fur at shoulder covering collars and forearms or cuffs.

Fluorescents were used throughout in puffers enveloping and blanket like, or on Mongolian sheep fur, and sleek technical fabrics.

A great offering for an adept at a post apocalyptic world.



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