Jacquemus, Elegance and Ease

Jacquemus – Womenswear collection Fall-Winter 2019

RTW19 / Paris Fashion Week Feb 2019

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Jacquemus RTW19 Fall-Winter 2019 Womenswear collection
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What is the difference between a good designer and a great designer? If I knew I would be a genius, but what I do know is Jacquemus is a great designer.

His effortless clothes, his brilliant colour sense and his sexy, nonchalant chic has a modern elegance which no other designer approaches.

This season the scene was a traditional french provincial town; various shops and their produce, a Place Jacquemus, faded striped awnings and sun bleached painted facades; but all created for the show. It’s a theatre set, it’s not real; but my goodness the clothes are.

As the models strode past with their brilliant bags, easy dresses and bright pieces of clothing it seemed effortless, but only a really gifted designer and his team can create this magic.

Grass green, marigold, azure blue, geranium pink , and chalky white and soft sand were used for wrapped and fluid pieces whose understated elegance was one hundred percent modern.

Yet the collection acknowledged how the history of French fashion can be traced from Chanel, through Yves Saint Laurent to this new creator.

It’s hard to pin point the sheer inventiveness of the clothes for in their modern ease they are so understated, so seemingly simple. Long slouchy coats, palazzo pants, easy shirts, a halter top on skinny straps, an apron effect, a tie here and there; so simple, so clever.

In a word, just lovely. The huge roar of applause reflected the feeling of the audience, Jacquemus is a great fashion designer, his trick is to make it appear so easy.



6 Rue de Braque, 75003 Paris
Téléphone : 01 42 77 33 05



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