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11 great looks from Claude Montana reissued by Gareth Pugh.

Montana reissued by Gareth Pugh.

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Montana reissued by Gareth Pugh
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Young designers are inspired and obsessed with the work of Claude Montana.  more or less at a distance, from the French fashion designer, from his 1980s women, to strangled leather trousers and over-shoulder jackets. Only, Claude Montana gave up his mark in 1997. Among the fans of the first hour, Gareth Pugh. The English designer was given carte blanche to reissue 11 emblematic models created between 1979 and 1994. A project initiated by the vintage gems expert Gill Linton, founder of Byronesque, and put on sale on the Farfetch e-shop.


Strong shoulders and power proportions – Claude Montana did it first and best. This short film, made in collaboration with NOWNESS, celebrates his legacy and features industry figures, from Yasmin Le Bon to Joe Gafney and Marc Jacobs, that worked with or were influenced by the radical 1980s designer. And now, Byronesque has just reissued a limited collection of signature Montana designs, to be sold exclusively on Farfetch.


Claude Montana did it first and best. As one of the most radical designers of the 1980s, he shaped the defining silhouette of that era and influenced the style of an entire generation.

And now, provocative arbiter of vintage fashion Byronesque has reissued a very limited collection of signature Montana designs, with celebrated British fashion designer Gareth Pugh as creative consultant, to be sold exclusively on Farfetch. ‘

The 1980s really set the tone for design substance, integrity and craftsmanship,’ says Gill Linton, co-founder of Byronesque. ‘It’s so important to preserve those high standards of design and creativity.

It’s why people are buying more contemporary vintage: they’re looking for unique, well-made clothes with more meaning than the mainstream. Montana is one of the last remaining brands of that calibre.’

This is the first time these designs have been seen in fashion for almost 20 years. Plus, each reissue in the 11-piece capsule has been selected to showcase elements of Claude Montana’s signature aesthetic, featuring styles from 1979 to 1994. This is fashion history, brought back for now.


About Claude Montana :

Claude Montana is a French fashion designer. His company, The House of Montana, founded in 1979, went bankrupt in 1997.

Born in Paris in 1949 to a Catalan father and a German mother, Montana began his career by designing papier-mâché jewelry covered with rhinestones. Later, he discovered leather and the complex techniques associated with it, eventually becoming a leading force in leather. His first fashion show took place in 1976. He was an avid colorist and favored blue, red, metallic, and neutral tones, in luxurious materials such as cashmere, leather and silk. He started his own company The House of Montana in 1979, and quickly became a darling of 1980s high fashion along with Thierry Mugler, who also favored aggressive shapes and strong colours.

In 1981, Montana designed his first collection for men, called Montana Hommes, in which he focused on the color and material of each garment rather than trivial details. From 1990 to 1992 he designed haute couture collections for the House of Lanvin, for which he received two consecutive Golden Thimble awards. Despite critical acclaim, Montana’s bold designs were financially disastrous for the house, created at a total estimated loss of $50 million, and he was ultimately replaced by Dominique Morlotti. In 1999, he designed an affordable line of clothing for women, Montana BLU. It was inspired by his favorite themes but modified to fit the style of sportswear and citywear.

Montana’s fashion shows excelled in styling as well as in presentation. Because of their vibrations, modelling for Montana became prestigious and invitations to his shows the hottest tickets in town. With fashion’s return to harder lines in 2007 Montana has become an inspiration for many designers. Alexander McQueen praised and honored Montana many times in his collections. Both designers shared a love for construction and high quality.

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