Ukrainian Fashion Week and FILM.UA Group represent Fashion Film Festival Kyiv 2019.

Fashion Film Festival Kyiv 2019 presentation

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Fashion Film Festival – Kyiv 2019
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Following the successful launch in 2018 of the first festival, the organizers plan a major update of the program and the composition of the contest. At the presentation, representatives of FILM.UA and Ukrainian Fashion Week will talk about their plans for the development of the competition and will announce the start of applications.

The author of the FFFK-2019 poster, Lena London’s illustrator, presents his work and tells about the creative idea and design nuances. Visitors will be able to sign from the author to the memory of an alert copy of the poster.

The presentation will take place in Media Space. – Sat 19:30 UTC+02 · Мистецький Арсенал · Kiev

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