Luxury Brands today.

Luxury Brands today
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The luxury market is now becoming more accessible to the masses while still maintaining its identity of being “produit exclusivement magnifique”, the exclusively magnificent product category that is now growing with a CAGR of 5%.

As per the recent study done by, the most valuable luxury brands for the in the apparel segment turned out to be Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, Chanel, Burberry and Prada as of December 2018.

This rise in their worth owes to the new product categories and campaigns the brands are venturing into, with the added flair of freshness that newly appointed creative directors are bringing with them. The fact that these luxury stalwarts are aggressively investing in store experience and retailing processes complements this growth- pop ups, revamped flagships and aesthetically advanced window displays, they excel in all.

The signature products such as Louis Vuitton’s handbags, Hermès’ orange bag, Gucci’s saddle bags and logo-ed tops, Chanel’s dress coats and “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag, Burberry’s Peacock Feather monogram coats, and Prada’s famous Ostrich leather bags span across multiple product categories while being emblematic of the brand identity.

Luxury accessories brands Rolex and Cartier also made the cut when it came to being Luxury World’s Most Valuable Brands of 2018.


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