As the year comes to a close, it’s time not only to look back on everything that happened in this busy year, but also forward to the top trends that will disrupt, shift and change the fashion industry. After the reckoning of 2018, 2019 will be a year to look beyond just the mounting challenges to the growing opportunities of a dynamic marketplace.

Above all, successful players in the fashion industry will embrace that the last to innovate are the first to fall behind, and that the rules of yesterday do not necessarily apply to the landscape of tomorrow. More than ever, companies now need to be agile, think digital-first and achieve ever-faster speed to market. Equally, they need to take an active stance on social issues, deliver on consumer demands for transparency and sustainability, and have the courage to re-think their own identity and the sources of their old success.

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Top 7 trends that will shape the fashion industry in 2019 – Infographics
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