The fantastical and magical universe of Atelier Mimii.

Once upon a time in a rainbow Care-bear-land; quilted, and embroidered and ruffled in a Haute-Couture dream…

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Meeting Marta Rios today in her chic PR’s office, which boasts curved and elegant matching staircases on either side of the showroom (surely borrowed from the set of Gone with the Wind) I was touched at how at home she was in such glamorous settings. And yet Marta equally has a still, silent, wild-child stirring- as if she would also be as comfortable in nature with other wild things. Poised with shoulders back, Marta is a woman who works hard to realize her vision and with a quiet confidence and grace while finding her own way to making her mark in the fashion world.

Marta’s childhood encompassed more countries and exotic locations than many vacationers have a chance to visit in their lifetimes: Zurich, Indonesia, Beijing and Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Luxembourg, and Paris. The list does not stop there. One would think that after such a transient upbringing Marta Rios would want to stay put. Not a chance. The only thing that keeps her in one place for the moment is her team and workroom for her brand Atelier Mimii in Paris.

atelier-mimii-Marta Rios MIMII-2
Atelier-mimii-Marta Rios MIMII-2

atelier-mimii-Marta Rios MIMII-1

At the age of only 14, Marta was already training and traveling to Milan to work with tailor Eva Ferranti. Later, she interned at the rock-star John Galliano brand while studying fashion design at l’Instituto Marangoni in Paris. Later she studied Haute Couture embroidery at the legendary Lesage Paris school of embroidary. After her studies, Marta worked for esteemed brands such as Stéphane Rolland, and Schiaparelli.

Marta explains that it was through the difficulty to find clothing that fit her which led her to start making her own clothes. As an adolescent Marta suffered from an undiagnosed lacto-intolerance, which created bloating. She explains that she would never know what to expect in the morning from her ever-changing figure. One day she would be her slim lithe teenage self and the next day would resemble an expectant mum. Being a young woman and not wanting to have to worry about dressing depending on her silhouette, Marta designed her own 60’s A-line trapeze looks. These were colorful, fun and exuberant, like her playful self.

atelier-mimii-Marta Rios MIMII 3
Atelier-mimii-Marta Rios MIMII 3

But even after Marta discovered the reason to her changeable silhouette she continued to dress in her self-made style. This carefree look she created at 14 is the DNA of Atelier Mimii. When asking Marta Rios where the name for the label came she explains, “In my family, Mimii is a word that we made up. It was used when we wanted to express moments of happiness and joy.” And that is exactly what Atelier Mimii represents in its energy and style. Her collection this season is fanciful, girly, and playful. It is like waking in a rainbow Care-bear-land; quilted, and embroidered, with spots, dots and funny faces and ruffles, and ruffles, and then some ruffles.

atelier-mimii-Marta Rios 11
Atelier-mimii-Marta Rios 11

Marta is inspired by the craft of Haute Couture. She is inspired by nature, her travels, the voyages during her childhood, and by literature for which she is passionate. Marta explains that she has more books than furniture in her apartment and she could live without absolutely everything as long as she had those. She is also inspired by the painting of Otto Dix, and Bernard Buffet, and illustrator Roland Topor.

Marta will be presenting her next collection, her third, officially on the calendar for Paris Fashion Week for the first time. In this collection Rios will be showcasing feathers from her cousin’s aviary in La Rioja, Tierra Rapaz, which she will be giving a gold-leaf effect and inspirations from her frequent travels to Rabat and Marrakech.

atelier-mimii-Marta Rios 10
Atelier-mimii-Marta Rios 10

We are eagerly waiting to see what awaits in the fantastical and magical universe of Atelier Mimii and where Marta Rios will transport us with her third collection during Paris Fashion Week this March.



Atelier Mimii – Marta RIOS : an expression of moments of happiness and joy…
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