Issey Miyake- a skip and dance of color to the cacophony of a piano’s cords.

Issey Miyake Ready To Wear Spring 19 – Paris

– by Loanna Haseltine


Friday 28 September 2018 – Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

In the Issey Miyake collection this Friday models came marching down the runway in a part dance and skip to the cacophony of a piano’s cords- trickling upon ears like rain.

It was in this play of lightness and spirit that the collection played its dissonant yet concordant bright tones- in forms of colour and shape.

Sometimes soothing in earth tones, hand-painted onto uneven pleats- this collection flowed or bouncing with each step. Grace and not awkwardness was the byword this season.

In other instances the music rising loud in a discord of notes of colors blooming in Ikea blue, ultramarine, magenta and rusted orange.

Other passages were soft in natural white with organic textures these were there to clean the eye’s palate for the next course of color-blocked neutrals in a boxy oversized form.

One highlight this season was the papier-mâché hats- which in each model’s hands became malleable sculpture.

These and other looks gave the sense of nature in man- the creator’s hands. Perhaps nature created but not lost in its essence of its basic beginnings.

This rendered the models looking like adult children begat and nourished of it- Playful, spirit-like woodland nymphs and blossoms dancing in the rain.




Issey Miyake, Ready to Wear Spring 2019 – Paris Fashion Week
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