Carine Gilson Ready to Wear Spring-summer 2019

Carine Gilson shows her first Prêt-à-porter collection.

Carine Gilson showed her first Prêt-à-porter collection this Friday in her boudoir boutique in the terribly chic rue de Grenelle.
– by Loanna Haseltine


Friday September 28, 2018 – Boutique rue de Grenelle 7th, Paris, France

Her boutique is conveniently located for the feminist who studies at the French political sciences school for children of the elite- Science Po. For as everyone knows, any feminist wanting to get anywhere in French politics had better have a nice pair of knickers to compliment her iron-clad pout.

Carine has been revered for her delicate and wittily elegant lingerie for more than a decade.

Her clientele are constant and loyal for nowhere else do you find a collection of lingerie created for a women who will buy these pieces because of how she looks to herself wearing them; strong, sophisticatedly feminine and yet a woman not all serious.

Of course it does not hurt that each piece, which is a sheer luxury, is beautifully made.

Gilson’s collections do not stay the same like so many other lingerie designers, who churn out their staple bestsellers season after season in a variety of color and details.

Each collection is a promenade through a year of the designer’s artistic passion. Because of this intimacy, fans feel they know her, and somehow that she knows them.

This year’s collection was Gilson’s first Prêt-à-porter offering. Staying true to her roots in lingerie there were beautiful pieces throughout.

One particularly kimono-like. This wrap-dress was in a soft chamois silk ivory satin, embroidered over with a flower motif. The handwork was made of an overlay of transparent black silk georgette, which was embroidered over the dress and then torn away leaving just the outline of the flower.

This was one example of the delicate finery of detail in this collection. In addition drapey silk blouses, some with lace sleeves, heavy crepe-silk palazzo pants, 50’s breakfast-at-Tiffany’s dresses, and 20’s style tunic tops were offered.

The mix of silhouettes was flawless and easy.

One unique design was a top camisole-esque. This had a built-in front, which was cleavage covering and back revealing.

Colors were in petal soft shades of lavender, mustard, ivory and black.

Looking to seeing more yummy Prêt-à-porter offerings on the rue de Grenelle…

Carine Gilson 18, Rue de Grenelle- 75007 Paris



Carine Gilson Photos : Ready to Wear Spring-summer 2019

Carine Gilson RTW-SS19-Photos-Paris Fashion Week
Carine Gilson RTW-SS19-Photos-Paris Fashion Week
Carine Gilson RTW-SS19-Photos-Paris Fashion Week
Carine Gilson RTW-SS19-Photos-Paris Fashion Week
Carine Gilson, RTW Spring 2019 – Paris Fashion Week
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