Victoria Tomas SS19 RTW review by Tony / Loanna

Ready to Wear from Victoria Tomas SS19 Collection.

Victoria TOMAS : Dialog review of the Ready to Wear SS19 collection between Tony Glenville and Loanna Haseltine.

Spring/summer 2019 Tuesday 25 September 15:30 Faculté de Medecine de Paris Decartes 75006 Paris

Tony-  I really think this pair are getting into their designing stride. The pieces are of high quality finish and are quirky without being tricksy.

Loanna- Mmm, I agree Tony, I really liked the rock n roll feel of last season but it’s great to see they didn’t drop their signature style. Like the flouncy blouse with layers of striped and plaid shirt poplin- mix of sweet and Sassy…

T- Yes, like the silhouettes variations, from slender and neat and the soft movement of the ruffles and handkerchief point skirts, plus the tassel trims adding to the sway of the piece. There’s a hint of cowgirl or country and western, but seen through the eyes of a Parisienne.
L- There is definitely that Paris thing going on! the mix of hard and soft. a little bit of the tom-girl or what the French call garçon-manquer but in the case of Victoria/Tomas mauvaise garçon-manquer. She who likes to play a little of the high-heeled temptress- a sort of Diana in drag ready for anything. I liked the feminine twist they have done to the trench this season. They look like they are ready to take on any weather!

T- I guess also the fact that so many of the pieces are really versatile, for the customer to wear in their own way and mix into their wardrobe, is something of real value in a world where some designers seem to think customers only wear the look “top to toe” as shown on the catwalk. I can’t wait to see how they develop next season.

L- They are definitely going somewhere with this collection , and here to stay.



Victoria Tomas RTW 2018 Photos – Colletion SS19



Victoria Tomas SS19 RTW review by Tony / Loanna
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